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    Better Microbial Solutions through Microbiology and Nanotechnology to aid towards environment and healthy human lifestyle.

    PrARAS ®, has developed a range of products for sanitation and cleaning by harvesting the bacteria. Our products like Microbial Floor Cleaner, Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner, Liquid Concentrate Air Freshener, Concentrate Floor Cleaner and Biological Waste Management are made with naturally occurring bacteria that have been specially selected for their ability to break down a wide range of organic materials. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications, including surface cleaning, stain removal, odor control, and waste management.

    Reduce environmental impact and gain cost efficiencies in your industry with our top -of-the-line microbial solutions using microbiology and nanotechnology.

    • Water based
    • Alcohol free
    • Water saving
    • Eco-friendly

    If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, effective, safe, and cost-effective way to keep your home clean and sanitary, then PrARAS® bacteria-based sanitation and Microbial Cleaning Products are the perfect solution for you.


    Microbial Solutions

    Product Range

    Products Nature of the product Function*
    GT ACTIV® Bacterial consortia Grease trap & drainage management
    MALODOREX® ACTIV Bacterial consortia Mal-odor management
    U BLOCK ACTIV® Bacterial consortia Mal-odor management in urinals
    STP ACTIV™ Bacterial consortia Septic-tank cleaning
    STP ACTIV™ ULTRA Bacterial consortia Septic-tank cleaning
    CAS ACTIV® Bacterial consortia Surface deep cleaning
    MALODOREX® Activ SLR Bio-enzyme based product containing fragrance Nano-particles Long term mal-odor reduction & fragrance release

    *Please refer product data sheet for more details


    Get our complete product details and specs by filling the form below.