We do troubleshooting to add value to your business. How do we do it? By making processes cost effective and products better quality than what they are now.

Few examples are as stated below:
  • Cocoa powder stabilization in hot and cold chocolate RTD beverages.
  • Badam pieces stabilization in milk based RTD beverages.
  • Improving the texture and overall quality of pasta by using Texturaid P.
  • Reduction in fermentation process from 160 hours to 134 hours and diacetyls from 0.1 to 0.05 ppm in a brewing process by using Fermaid B.
  • Grist optimization and reduction of:
    • Saccharification time to 40 minutes | Mashing time to 125 miniutes | Lautering time to 140 minutes
  • Increasing the brewing fermentation capacity by 10% by using Brewferm.